Uncharted Territory

Sarah Bareilles has a song called Uncharted. Although the lyrics say “this is no broken heart, no familiar scars, this territory goes uncharted” she is not talking about navigating her way through the minefield that is being in love. She isn’t heartbroken, nothing is going horrifically wrong in her life as a whole … the thing is that there is nothing going on at all. She just can’t find something to write about, so she wrote Uncharted about writers’ block.

Writer’s block sneaks up on the best of us, when we least expect it. But what exactly is the difference between not finding anything to write about, and just plain not writing? In my opinion, writer’s block is the same thing as good old fashioned procrastination, and for me, it came around Christmas time.

Christmas morning at the Erickson House

Let me preface this by apologizing. I’ve been neglecting this online journal, and for the people who read it (there are only about 5 of them) I left you precious few with nothing to read.

So Christmas …well, exam time, really. The last time I wrote was in November, so I put off writing to prepare for my exams. Sounds plausible, right? After that, the hurricane of turkey dinners and gift wrapping that is Christmas was upon us, and who really has time to blog during the holidays? After Christmas came the start of the second semester, and lo and behold – it’s February 3rd and there is still nothing.

Let’s be clear here. I chose to write about nothing, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write about. During exam period I could have used the cathartic release of writing to get me through, and who can’t find something to write about during Christmas? Recipes, pictures and stories, family stories are all gold for blog success.

If I was to take a page from Sarah Bareilles, I could have found fodder for my blog in my love life. Long distance relationships provide their fair share of happiness rollercoasters, so why didn’t I? Why didn’t I will myself to find something to write about?As much as I would rather not chalk it up to laziness, I will admit that I was procrastinating. Ironically, I wrote a speech about procrastination this week in PR Presentation Skills … maybe that will be the topic of my next blog ..

Here’s hoping that next time won’t be too far away. Until then! 🙂


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