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My Toronto Spot

My favorite “Toronto spot” isn’t easily accessible. Up the pathway, around a corner, through the park and down the hill. Finally, when your lungs sting and your eyes water from the wind, you’re there.

There are about 6 km of gravel path that snake between the campus of Humber College Lakeshore, and the Humber Sailing Club. In this nature conservation park, past the bundled up dog-walkers and the Canada Geese, is my favorite spot in the city.  It’s a lookout that juts into Lake Ontario, exactly at the halfway point on my running route. From there, when I turn around, I am stunned by the view that confronts me – Every. Single. Time.

My view from the lookout

I came to Toronto from Halifax, Nova Scotia, so you would think that I came to the wrong place if I wanted a pretty view on the water. But from this spot, I can see a perfectly clear image of the Toronto city skyline, and it reminds me of why I moved here in the first place. I forget about the fact that I’m sweating through my shirt, or that I’ve still got another 5km to run.

The view makes me feel like I’m not that far away from home. Instead of thinking about being overwhelmed with readings and papers and life preparation, I start thinking about how seagulls sound the same on a lake as they do on the ocean.

Toronto and Halifax look eerily similar when you’re looking at them from across the water. What’s your favorite place to go in T.O ?

Home sweet Halifax

Bright lights in the Big Smoke